We are your experts for worldwide, all-encompassing automotive experience journeys.

No matter what your heart beats for: vintage or classic cars, electric vehicles, sports cars or super sports cars, we can provide the tour you desire.

Either guided in a group with like-minded enthusiasts, or looking to go at your own pace, at DRIVEN we’ve got you covered.

We also provide individually planned trips for every occasion that you might have:

Imagine, you have a brief stop over in Europe and you want to experience the legendary Autobahn, or you pick up your European car at the factory, then taking it for an appropriate spin, or a romantic get away with a lot of horses.

We are more than happy to assist you with whatever your requirements might be.

If you as a company want to treat your employees, partners or customers to a very special event, individual tours for bigger groups can be accommodated.

On our classic tours, we guide you along the most exciting roads throughout Europe. We are currently expanding our program to the rest of the world, as we are always looking for new and uncharted territories.

All of our classic tours are limited to a rather small amount of vehicles (5-12) and we will confirm the trip as soon as we have at least 5 binding bookings. During your time with us at DRIVEN, you can rest assured that all our attention is on you and we aim at catering to only a very small group per tour.

Our tours are generally BYO car tours. If you would prefer not to drive you own cherished vehicle or would like to try driving some new horses, let us know and we can provide the desired car either out of our own fleet, rent it for you via partner rental companies or buy it through our partner car dealers.

You can be sure that with whatever accommodation we have planned for you, we don’t just look for the most stars, but also for the most authentic, unique and extraordinary lodging we can fnd for our customers.

Meet the people behind the scenes and behind the wheels, so you know who will be providing you with hopefully the most memorable moments of your life:

Florian Nettesheim

Founder and gasmonkey
approved for national motor sports A licence

A car enthusiast from the first moment (earliest press release see here), keen to drive no matter where, and no matter what, as long as it is scenic and has curves.

He has spend many years abroad experiencing the global interest in European car culture and developed the idea of offering access to this scene and to the best roads in the world for all these enthusiasts.

Florian feels at home on wheels and combines this with his acquired online and marketing knowledge, as well as his experience in luxury to bring you the best trips possible in the world.

Our guides and supporters.

Our Code of Conduct.

We are here to provide you with the time of your life when it comes to automobile experiences. Therefore we need to rely on you to be a mature and responsible driver, to always abide to the local road regulations and take on full responsibility for your own actions.

We are all about the joy of driving the most spectacular roads, not about competing against each other or proving our worth by possession or unnecessary risk.

We ask you to behave according to the local habits, not to offend anybody and to always smile, since you are doing the best thing in the world with us: driving!

If we are not out guiding or on an reconnaissance mission scouting for the absolutely best road ever, we are always here to plan the next epic adventure for you.

Leave us a message and we will get back in regards to your special request or regular updates on what we are up to.


Florian Nettesheim GbR
Automotive experience journeys

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82031 Grünwald

T: +49-174-3740289