Day trips.

If you just want to stretch your car‘s legs on a short trip, or if you don‘t have a long weekend to spare, come follow us on one of our legendary day trips. 

We‘re offering the trips all around the greater Munich area:

  • into the lesser known but nevertheless very scenic northern regions leads our „Canyons and Castles Altmühtal trip“,
  • towards the westerly direction our „Jewels of Southern Germany Allgäu Trip“ and
  • most certainly to the south into the foothills of the alps the „Lakes and Lanes Best of Bavarian Oberland“ trip.

Canyons and Castles  
Altmühltal trip
350km, 5:30h

As we are deliberately looking into the wrong direction, away from the southern Bavarian hills and mountains towards the north into the Franken Jura, we will be rewarded for this bravery. 

We’ll be meeting at what will soon be the epicenter of southern German car culture – the Motorworld Munich. A storage facility for special cars and conglomerate of the who is who in the sports car dealer business: McLaren, Ferrari, Bentley etc. where we will have our drivers breakfast.

Shortly warming up engines and tires on the Autobahn before we turn off onto the winding roads of the Halletrau, the World‘s largest continuous hops area.

Heading north on these beautiful backroads we are crossing the Danube river and entering the nature parc of the Altmühltal. The Altmühl is a very old and by now very little and tame river. In its very long history is used to be the Ur-Danube and created a deep and winding river valley through the Franken Jura. 

We will follow the river, sometimes on the bottom of the valley, sometimes on the hilly sides of the canyons, winding our way towards the west like a snake. 

Stopping for lunch at one of the many old castles that we see along the way and possibly stopping in the center-point of Bavaria for the best cake around.

Back about 150 million years ago the region was the northern end of the Jura-sea with a flourishing fauna und flora which all was preserved very well in its limestone with many unique rock formations such as the 12 Apostels.

Crossing the Danube once again on our way back we are entering the asparagus capital of Germany with its flat fields and curvy b-roads before we slowly make our way back towards the city of Munich. 

The tour will end at the MotorWorld again where it started. 


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Jewels of Southern Germany
Allgäu trip.

330km, 6h

This trip will strictly stay in Germany and present us some impressive superlatives, no boarders will be crossed and we’ll just explore the most scenic areas in Allgäu combined with nice and curvy roads. 

The morning starts at the eastern area close to the Ammersee where we will have our drivers breakfast.
From there some nice “secret” spots will lead us via Birkland streets to Auerberg. The mount Auerberg peaks at 1055m altitude, with archeological roman sites tracing back to the first century a.d we will have a brief stop at the church of St. Georg with its bell tower reached by a steep wooden staircase.

Join us for coffee and a great cake in this scenic place overviewing the alpine upland.
From there we will take one of the most famous scenic drives in Germany past Neuschwanstein castle, not the Disneyland one, the real one built in 1869 by King Ludwig II.

This curvy road will lead us to the famous mountain racing street Oberjochpass with 107 curves, 353 m difference in altitude on 9,3 km. The first race took place in 1923, the historic record is 3:08 min uphill with an average speed of 107km/h on an Automobiles Martini in 1986. Don’t even think about it, as soon as you drive it, you will realize how crazy that speed is!
Since 1999 every year the „Jochpass Memorial“ Oldtimer race takes place on this road.

Depending on weather and mood we will conquer the Riedbergpass, Germany’s highest (1420m) and steepest (max 16%) mountain pass and have late lunch in Grasgehren or we straight hit some nice roads in the shadow of mount Grünten and have lunch there.

From this turnaround point many more small and scenic roads will lead us back to Ammersee west side, where we conclude our day preferably with a nice sundowner at the beach bar in Stegen with a fabulous view on the mountain range to the south. 


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Lakes and Lanes
Best of Bavarian Oberland.
300km, 5h

The starting point will set the mood for the rest of the day: the picturesque castle of Grünwald stands in all its Bavarian glory high above the Isar river where we will have our drivers breakfast.

We will cross and follow the river upstream, turn off towards the east to Kochelsee and along the shores of Walchensee. Through the lonesome area of Jachenau and past Bad Tölz we will take the back roads to Tegernsee where we will have a fabulous drivers lunch overlooking one of the most Bavarian lakes. 

A small and winding road along a nice creek will lead us towards the road past the Wendelstein mountain to hit the curvy Sudelfeld pass leading up to the ski area.

On the backside of the mountain the road leads down through one of the steepest and smallest tunnels to the Inn valley. Over winding back roads we will make our way towards Aying with its legendary Brewery where we might stop for an afternoon non-alcoholic beverage before we head back to Grünwald where everything started in the morning.


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General information about
day trips:

Trip level:

Trip pace:

Trip includes: 

Driver’s breakfast and lunch (drinks excluded), driving guide, GPS road book, insurance, CO2 compensation.

This is a BYO car tour, if you require a rental please let us know and we can provide offers from our car rental partners.

Price per person:

159.- Euro

(Please inquire for price of second person travelling in same car.)
Prices are subject to change.