Drive’n Coffee.

Just a bunch of friends, a great drive, exciting locations that inspire and a good cup of coffee.

This is our formula for an excellent quick getaway.
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Drive’n Coffee
Spring edition –
Meet the RUF.

Nurburgring, 1980ies, Yellow bird, fastest production car at that time…
That is all we need to say so that the real car nut knows who we are talking about: The company RUF Automobile in Pfaffenhausen created a big splash in 1987 coming out of nowhere and letting all the well known super sports cars at that time eat their dust.
Since then RUF has been the only manufacturer officially acknowledged by Porsche to take their cars and enhance them to the max and put their own badge on them.
We will experience the history from a rural Gas station to a small Porsche repair shop to a world renown manufacturer of ultra exclusive sports cars first hand and hopefully get to see many different of their superb creations.

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Drive’n Coffee
November edition –
Le Mans 66 Ford vs. Ferrari.

After the season is before the season. To be able to dream about the next time we all get to go out and drive, we organized this private screening of the brand new motion picture of the fight between Ford and Ferrari in Le Mans in the year 1966.
Matt Damon playing the underdog Carroll Shelby picking a fight with the scuderia.

Drive’n Coffee
October edition –
Relive Bugatti.

On Saturday 5th of October, Romano Artioli, the former owner of Bugatti and Lotus talked about his experience with the two brands, his hopes, his euphoria and the demise of the companies.

Before the inevitable end of the season we took part in this once in a lifetime event:
The Bugatti and Lotus Meeting in the abandoned factory „La fabbrica blu“ in Campogalliano/Italy.

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Drive’n Coffee
August Edition –
Restoring the winged legend.

Please read our guest article (in German only) by Stephan Raif regarding our visit to HK Engineering, probably the best shop specialized in restoring the legendary Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing.

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